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Infineon TLE92108 Multi-MOSFET Driver Family

Designed to control up to 8 half-bridges with one packaged device.

The Infineon TLE92108 Multi-MOSFET Driver Series allows driving up to 8 half-bridges (up to 16 N-Channel MOSFETs) with one single driver IC, which provides a very cost-effective solution for system designs. Less pick & place costs, less required PCB space, housed in a compact VQFN-48 package, are all ways for customers to drive multiple half-bridges in DC motor control applications.

The AEC Q-100 qualified TLE92108 driver portfolio features a 24-bit Serial Parallel Interface (SPI) that enables configuration of the multi-MOSFET driver and is used to control the half-bridges. The SPI offers a wide range of diagnostic features such as the monitoring of the supply voltage, the charge pump voltage, temperature warning and over-temperature shutdown. Each gate driver monitors its external MOSFET drain-source voltage for hard-short circuit conditions, while the devices can observe the current passing through the integrated op amps providing configurable soft-short circuit detection, in both cases providing active latching hardware protection independent of any software measures.

The Infineon TLE92108 family is qualified according to AEC-Q100 and are designed to withstand the severe conditions of automotive applications.

TLE92108 Features

  • Adaptive multi-stage MOSFET gate control
  • 2x flexible current sense amplifiers (high-side capable and bidirectional) with configurable gain
  • 24-bit serial peripheral interface
  • Integrated charge pump for reverse battery protection
  • Drain-source monitoring for hard short circuit detection
  • Current sense monitoring for soft short circuit detection
  • Overtemperature warning and shutdown
  • Timeout watchdog
  • Detailed off-state diagnostic (open load, short circuit to battery or to GND) via SPI
  • 3x PWM inputs (up to 25 kHz)
  • Best-in-class low current consumption in sleep mode
  • AEC Q-100 qualified

TLE92108 Applications

Automotive DC motor control:
  • Seat module and extended functions (steering column adjustment, gas pedal adjustment)
  • Closure systems (e.g. trunk opener, sliding door, sun-roof)
  • Central door lock
  • Body control module (cargo cover, washer pump, window lift, wiper…)


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