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KYOCERA AVX 9296-400 Series Poke-Home Connectors

Developed for various industrial applications

KYOCERA AVX’s new 9296-400 series Poke-Home Connectors provide quick and reliable wire-to-board terminations with its compact SMT packaging (4mm pitch, 3mm height, 1 to 6 positions), making it ideal for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications.

Many product designs must accommodate small numbers of discrete wires connecting components to PCBs. The 9296-400 series meets this challenge to support market needs. These unique connectors make it easy for wires to be easily terminated with a simple strip and insertion step.

This cost-effective connector enables easy assembly in factory settings or field termination by electrical installers for non-UL applications.

The 9296-400 connector integrates the already proven 2.5mm dual beam poke-home contact into a connector housing. Dual spring Phosphor Bronze contact accepts a wide range (18-26 AWG solid or stranded) of wire to accommodate any wire combination within a single connector.

An optional version with pass-through holes and no wire stop contacts allows mating with KYOCERA AVX jumper pins. Optional visibility windows allow visual verification of full wire insertion.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple strip and poke-home wire insertion with easy twist and pull wire extraction
  • 3mm height achieves the lowest height possible for this AWG range
  • Accepts 18-26 AWG solid and stranded wires
  • Dual spring beam box contact provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention

Typical Applications

  • Machine Controls: motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, fans and pumps
  • Commercial Buildings: controls, security, fire and sensors
  • Smart Grid: meters, breakers and panels
  • SSL/LED: bulbs, fixtures, signage and streetlights