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LUXEON 3030 2D Mid Power LEDs

LUXEON 3030 2D is a high flux, hot-color targeted 6V package designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. It offers higher efficacy and a higher maximum drive current than competitors enabling LED counts to be reduced. Both the Round and Square versions use two emitters in series to deliver light from the 3.0mm x 3.0mm package. 1/9th micro-binning enables tight color control. Performance is specified at both 65mA and 120mA. Efficacy, output, and reliability in one robust, high-value LED.

The 3030 2D's hot-color targeting ensures that the LEDs are within color target at application conditions—85°C. Using its industry standard packaging and 6V surface-mount emitter solution, LUXEON 3030 2D Line comes in all ANSI CCTs and delivers the efficacy and reliability required to withstand the elements.

Lumileds LUXEON 3030 2D LED was among the first mid-power LEDs not only to get an epoxy moulding compound (EMC) package for reliability in more harsh environments, but it was one of the first of its kind tested by Lumileds themselves at elevated temperatures. This enables Lumileds to offer what it calls “hot color targeting.”

Hot color targeting means that the LEDs are binned based on operating at a typical lighting system temperature, and the approach means that luminaires using the LEDs will not exhibit color shift once deployed.


  • Industry standard package enables drop-in replacement for existing 3030 packages
  • 1/9th micro-color binning enables tight color control
  • Superior luminous flux at max current for reduced LED count
  • Hot-color targeting ensures that color is within ANSI bin at typical application conditions, 85°C
  • Enables 3-, 4-, 5-step MacAdam ellipse custom binning kits


  • Troffers
  • Downlights
  • High Bay
  • Low Bay
  • Floodlights
Lumileds — LUXEON 3030 2D

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