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Melexis ADK81116 Application Development Kit

For use with the popular MLX81116 LED driver

Melexis features the ADK81116 application development kit, which is designed to simplify the development of dynamic RGB-LED automotive applications. This kit includes the new variant of Melexis popular 12-channel MLX81116, the MLX81116KLW-AAE-150-RE. This UART over CAN-FD RGB-LED driver variant comes with pre-loaded configurable firmware.

The kit eliminates the need for firmware development, replacing it with straightforward calibration and configuration through a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI).


  • Reduced workload
  • No firmware development needed
  • Genuine GUI


  • Possibility to connect multiple stripes
  • Automotive compliant
  • 16-bit color control with a mixing accuracy of delta u’v’ <0.01

The hardware meets automotive standards and features 16-bit color control with a mixing accuracy of delta u’v’ <0.01.

Note that a Melexis Universal Master (MUM) is required to operate with the kit. The MUM is not included in the set of the ADK81116 and should be ordered separately.

Melexis ADK81116

MLX81116 at a Glance

The MLX81116 is a multi-channel RGB-LED driver that enables high-speed light animations especially with the MeLiBu® communication interface.

Melexis MLX81116 Sensors