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Melexis — MLX90381 3D Magnetic Pico-Resolver




Melexis MLX90381 3D Magnetic Pico-Resolver

A world’s first that opens a world of possibilities

The Melexis MLX90381 3D Magnetic Pico-Resolver spearheads a world of possibilities for industrial and automotive design engineers. This first-in-the-world device is AEC-Q100/ISO 26262 compliant and delivers outstanding ease of use and superior reliability to its applications in a tiny footprint.

The Melexis MLX90381 3D Magnetic Pico-Resolver is beyond small. Its DFN-6 (2 mm x 2.5 mm) package is suited for sensored mechatronic miniaturization. This device adds the benefits of a small outline and the reliability of analog outputs providing sine and cosine signals.

This ASIL-ready device is programmable at module level and is optimal for rotor position detection. The MLX90381 leverages Melexis’ own Triaxis® Hall technology, providing low latency and fast response, measuring speeds over 50,000 rpm.

  • Sine and cosine analog outputs (ratiometric)
  • Output refresh rate 2µs (> 50’000 e-rpm)
  • ISO 26262 ASIL B SEooC (Safety Element out of Context)
  • AEC-Q100
  • Onboard programming through I2C protocol
  • Flexible mechanical design enabled by selectable magnetic field axis (X/Y - X/Z - Z/Y)
  • Programmable sensitivity range:
    • mid field 10...70mT
    • high field 40...160mT
  • End-of-shaft / through-shaft operation
  • RoHS compliant package DFN-6 single die
  • Absolute Rotary Position Sensor
  • Brushless Motor Control
  • Field-Oriented Motor Control