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Triaxis® Position Sensor


The Melexis MLX90392 is part of the Triaxis® unique sensing solution, an innovative magnetic sensor technology capable of very precise three axis magnetic field measurements from a single sensor.

Experience endless linear, angular and 3D applications with Triaxis®, a sensor which features patented innovative magnetic sensor technology that enables measurement of the three magnetic flux components (BX, BY and BZ) in a single integrated circuit, the MLX90392 utilizes a unique Integrated Magnetic Concentrator (IMC®).

Melexis Triaxis Position Sensor

Using the three magnetic components, it is possible to create 2D or 3D sensors that determine rotary (angle), linear (stroke), or even joystick type motion as well as 3D-magnetometers that can output the individual magnetic (BX, BY, and BZ) components.


MLX90392 Sensor Benefits

  • High sensitivity and flexibility allows a wide range of magnet shapes (disc, rod, square...) and chemistry (ferrite, NeFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo…) to be used

  • No wearout or drift thanks to noncontacting measurement principle

  • Intrinsically insensitive to dirt, dust, oil, water and other contaminants

  • I2C protocol for easy interfacing to nearly any microcontroller

  • Low and configurable power consumption with 1.8V supply for power constrained applications

  • Wide temperature range of -40 to 85 degC


  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment

  • Joysticks

  • Man-machine interfaces

  • Heavy-duty vehicles

  • Forklifts

  • Robots

  • Wheelchairs

  • Industrial cranes


More Information on Melexis Triaxis® Position Sensors


Third Generation Triaxis® Position Sensors

Building upon the long legacy of the Triaxis® sensors, the third generation, already a success with our lead customers, brings substantial improvements over the previous generations. Its new stray field immune mode drastically reduces or eliminates the effect of stray fields from other magnets or current carrying conductors found in electrified vehicles and supports both on-axis rotary or linear motion with a four-pole or two-pole magnet, respectively.

This stray field immune mode reduces design constraints especially in electrified vehicles and meets OEM requirements for stray fields up to 4kA/m. Additionally, the 160°C operating temperature capability allows for use in actuators exposed to hot environments like a turbocharger wastegate while the enhanced linearization capability minimizes accuracy errors caused by tolerances in the mechanical assembly.

In addition to being the first to be ASIL-C (SEooC) ready, this generation also offers other improvements including improved EMC capability and thermal drift performance.

Triaxis® Position Sensor Packages

A variety of IC packages are available from the industry standard SOIC-8, TSSOP-16, and QFN-16 to the Melexis Dual-Mold Package (DMP-4).

The SOIC-8, QFN-16, and DMP-4 all contain a single sensor die. The TSSOP-16 contains two sensor dies that are fully independent with unique supply, ground, and output pins enabling redundant operation for systems requiring a higher level of safety or availability. The DMP-4 is intended to be integrated without a PCB via a direct connection to the connector lead frame via welding or soldering which brings packaging, system cost, and reliability advantages.