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CAN & LIN Products for Next-Generation Vehicles

Largest portfolio of CAN/CAN FD/LIN controllers and transceivers to handle automotive designs with ease

Ready to kickstart or enhance your next automotive design!

Discover the MCP2518FD CAN FD controller, ATA663201 LIN voltage regulator and the ATA6570 CAN FD transceiver, whether you are looking to quickly add CAN FD capability to an existing MCU, extending the number of CAN FD channels for your MCU, quickly add the capability you need without major changes or a complete redesign.

Microchip’s complete ecosystem of CAN and LIN solutions are poised to speed up automotive application development and lower design risk. It’s all there for the taking!

External CAN FD Controller with SPI Interface


The Microchip MCP2518FD is a cost-effective and small-footprint External CAN FD Controller that can be easily added to a microcontroller with an available SPI interface. A CAN FD channel can be easily added to a microcontroller that is either lacking a CAN FD peripheral or that doesn't have enough CAN FD channels.

MCP2518FD Datasheet

3.3V Low-Drop Voltage Regulator


The Microchip ATA663201 is a fully integrated low-drop voltage regulator with 3.3V output voltage and 85mA current capability. Featuring current consumption always below 170µA (without load), even if the supply voltage is below the regulator's nominal output voltage, the ATA663201 enables customers to produce modules with/without LIN transceiver by assembling the LIN SBC (ATA663231) or the standalone LDO (ATA663201).

ATA663201/03/31/54 Datasheet

High-Speed CAN FD Transceiver


Designed for high speed CAN applications in the automotive environment, the ATA6570 by Microchip is a CAN Partial Networking (PN) transceiver that interfaces a Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical two wire CAN bus. Featuring local and enhanced remote wake-up capabilities, the ATA6570 has a very low power consumption in Standby and Sleep Mode. The CAN FD device can be easily configured via the SPI as Non-FD (meaning only for Classical CAN), CAN FD silent, CAN FD passive or as CAN FD active device.

ATA6570 Datasheet


Key Benefits of Microchip CAN Peripheral Devices

  • Add CAN capability
  • Expand the number of CAN FD channels in MCUs
  • Integrate both a CAN 2.0B controller and high-speed CAN transceiver in a single package
  • Can be easily added to an existing MCU
  • Fully automotive compliant
  • Support for wide operating ranges
  • Extended temperature operation ranges


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