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MultiTech Conduit® AP Access Point for LoRa® Technology

Deep in-building connectivity for tough to reach areas

The MultiTech Conduit® Access Point extends LoRa® connectivity in commercial buildings and retail facilities that present unique installation challenges, specifically in regards to the Access Point location and the availability of power. The Conduit® AP offers models with several power options including Power over Ethernet that overcome these hurdles to simplify the installation process.

The Conduit® Access Point extends complex processing to the edge to reduce upstream communication and operational costs. The AP also provides Ethernet IP backhaul or optional 4G-LTE IP backhaul.

New embedded software offering

The Conduit® AP offers the mPower™ Edge Intelligence platform, a development environment for software developers and IT professionals alike.

  • mPower™ Edge Intelligence features an easy-to-use graphical interface set-up
  • It includes a built-in LoRa Network Server and Packet Forwarder to connect locally clustered assets on a private LoRaWAN network directly to your choice of IoT data platforms

Conduit® Access Point Benefits

  • Provide Improved Service Level Agreements for LoRa
  • Affordable LoRa connectivity in or around commercial buildings
  • Configurable Ethernet and 4G-LTE interfaces for Primary or Secondary WAN
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Certified and carrier approved


  • Ethernet RJ-45 10/100 BaseT for IP backhaul
  • Optional 4G-LTE IP backhaul
  • LoRa Omni-Directional internal antenna with +2 dBi gain for 868/915 MHz ISM band
  • Built-in LoRa Network Server and Packet Forwarder