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Nexperia NEH2000BY Energy Harvesting Power Management IC

High efficiency, high power range and more

NEH2000BY is a high-performance energy harvesting solution for low-power applications. It harvests energy generated by a photo-voltaic (PV) cell, while the energy charges a rechargeable battery.

The NEH2000BY is known for its versatility in harvesting energy from various sources. It employs a highly efficient power converter that enables the extraction of energy from low-voltage and intermittent sources, making it ideal for applications with limited power availability. This allows the PMIC to operate in diverse environments and extract energy even from challenging conditions, ensuring a reliable and consistent power supply for energy-harvesting systems.

Nexperia’s advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) uses an embedded hill-climbing algorithm to deliver the maximum power to the load. The MPPT is designed to be independent of specific characteristics of the harvesters, therefore any harvester that fits the specifications of the chip can be used. Moreover, the MPPT circuit can detect the maximum power point with an interval of 0.7 second resulting in maximum efficiency in various environments where energy can rapidly change over time.

The NEH2000BY is available in a Plastic 16 terminal Quad Flat package, 3 mm x 3 mm.


  • High-efficiency low-power DC-to-DC converter
  • Harvesting power range from 35 µW to 2 mW
  • Advanced MPPT to maximize efficiency
  • Ultra fast MPPT interval of 0.7 second
  • Small BOM with no external inductor required
  • Compatible with various types of rechargeable batteries


  • Wireless IoT devices
  • Smart remote controls
  • Electronic shelf labels
  • Wearable devices
  • Industrial and environmental monitoring
  • Consumer electronics
  • Beacons


Nexperia Energy Harvesting MPPT Technology Explained JUL