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New UVC LED demonstrates high disinfection efficacy against viruses

Nichia’s new NCSU334B ultraviolet LED, which emits UVC light at a peak wavelength of 280nm, offers superior performance to other commercially available UVC LEDs in efficacy of disinfection, output, efficiency, and lifetime.

UVC LEDs are commonly used for sterilization and disinfection. Now new independent research shows that the NCSU334B is the best in its class when used to disinfect surfaces contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

NICHIA’s UVC LED technology was extensively tested at Tokushima University to demonstrate its effectiveness for eliminating bacteria and virus infection. Experiments conducted by the university’s biomedical scientists confirmed that irradiating SARS-CoV-2 with the NCSU334B for 30 seconds at a dosage of 51mJ/cm2 resulted in 99.99% inactivation, a key performance benchmark for demonstrating medical-grade efficacy.

The NCSU334B produces irradiance of 70mW at a drive current of 350mA and a forward voltage of 5.5V. Wall-plug efficiency is 3.6%, an improvement of 27% compared to the previous generation of UVC LED. Protected by a hermetic seal, the LED offers a long lifetime, even when operating at high temperature and humidity.


Nichia has also launched the mid-power NCSU434A UVC LED emitter, which produces a lower radiant output of 17.5mW at a drive current of 100mA and a forward voltage of 5.3V. Smaller than the NCSU334B, the NCSU434A is supplied in a package which measures 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 1.7mm.


  • 10nm spectrum half-width
  • 110°C maximum junction temperature
  • Package specifications:
    • NCSU334B: 6.8mm x 6.8mm x 2.1mm surface-mount package
    • NCSU434A: 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 1.7mm surface-mount package


  • Industrial equipment
  • Water purifiers
  • HVAC systems

Click here to find out more information about the research into disinfection carried out at Tokushima University.

UV LED Disinfection

Ultraviolet light technology is a hot topic in the lighting industry today, as UV light is capable of disinfecting and killing biological impurities. In particular, UV-C LEDs are said to revolutionize sterilization and disinfection, improving the safety of health facilities specifically, which is a much needed development in the current pandemic situation.

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