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ON Semiconductor NCL31000 Intelligent LED Driver

YellowDot™ Compliant, with Precision Dimming, Diagnostics and Power Metrology

The NCL31000 by ON Semiconductor is an intelligent LED driver targeting luminaire applications. Incorporating a high efficiency buck LED driver that supports both high-bandwidth analog and PWM dimming down to zero current, the NCL31000 features two auxiliary DC-DC converters which are included to power a microcontroller and other sensors. Diagnostics are included to measure input and output current and voltage, LED temperature and DC-DC voltages. The LED driver is ideal for YellowDot™ LED drivers.

The NCL31000 is a new member of the ON Semiconductor LED driver family specifically targeting luminaire applications. NCL31000 incorporates a high efficient buck LED driver. The LED driver supports both high−bandwidth analog dimming and PWM dimming down to zero current. NCL31000 includes an integrated fixed 3V3 DC−DC and one adjustable DC−DC. A diagnostics block incorporates an ADC, which measures input and LED output currents, voltages, LED temperature, DC/DC voltages and currents. Fast safety mechanisms protect the critical blocks of the chip. The diagnostic measurements are available together with a flexible status reporting and interrupt mechanism. NCL31001 is the same as NCL31000 except that it does not include both DC−DC converters. The combination of NCL31000 and NCL31001 is ideal for dual channel solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • High efficiency buck LED driver
  • Deep dimming to zero with 0.1% accuracy
  • Integrated 3.3V buck converter
  • Low EMI design
  • Adjustable 2.5 to 24V buck converter
  • Protection against LED shorts and opens
  • High modulation bandwidth (~50kHz); VLC capable
  • IC and LED over temperature protection I2C or SPI serial interface


  • LED lighting
  • AC-DC power supply