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onsemi FUSB15101 USB Power Delivery (PD) Power Source Controller

Evaluation Board available

The onsemi FUSB15101 is a highly integrated USB PD power source controllers that offers superior capabilities for industrial, consumer, and wearable applications. The FUSB15101 can control an opto-coupler in the secondary side of AC-DC adapters or DC-DC port power regulators.

Thanks to its open-source embedded firmware and optimized hardware peripherals, the FUSB15101 is a complete USB power source solution in a compact device. The onsemi FUSB15101 achieves seamless support for USB PD 3.1 source applications thanks to the integration of a highly efficient Arm® Cortex®−M0+ processor with custom designed peripherals.

The onsemi FUSB15101 supports PPS specifications in USB PD ranging from a minimum of 3.3V to a maximum of 21V output voltage control. This device comes with Constant Voltage and Constant Current Limit control blocks as well as various protection mechanisms and high voltage tolerance on connector pins.


  • Fully Programmable and Upgradable Open−source Firmware Providing API for Customer Specific Device Policy ManagerDevelopment
  • Robust Collection of Peripherals including DACs, ADC, NTCs and NMOS Gate Driver
  • High Voltage Protection on USB-C Connector Pins
  • Programmable Constant Voltage & Current Control with Cable Drop Compenstaion
  • USB PD 3.1 with PPS Support and integrated VCONN support for E-Marked Cables
  • Idle and Sleep Modes to Meet CoC and DoE Requirements
  • Full System Protections: OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP
  • Integrated UART Transceiver

End Products

  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Power Outlets

Evaluation Board

This evaluation board demos a 65 W, Type C interface PD3.0, universal AC input, constant voltage power supply intended for smart phone, PAD and NB adaptor supporting PD3.0 or PPS protocol, where isolation from the AC mains is required, and low cost, high efficiency, and low standby power are essential. This design, combined with onsemi’s FUSB15101 PD3.0 protocol controller, also provides PD3.0 and PPS functions.

onsemi 65W USB-C PD Reference Design

onsemi 100W USB-C PD Reference Design