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onsemi RSL10 Smart Shot Camera

Enables next-generation IoT imaging applications

The onsemi RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera combines cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) with ultra-low-power triggered image capture to allow developers to create high-tech imaging applications. Imaging is captured automatically when triggered by various elements including time or environmental changes such as motion, humidity or temperature.

The complete Smart Shot Camera Platform Features:

ARX3A0 Mono 121.0° DFOV IAS Module


Ultra-low-power Pseudo Global Shutter Sensor with a small optical format capable of 360 FPS, superior low-light performance, dual ROI and many more attributes and modes.

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onsemi ARX3A0 DVOF IAS Module



Bluetooth 5 connectivity SoC serves as the processing hub of the system, communicating data between the sensors, ISP, mobile app and more.

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onsemi RSL10 SiP


  • Supports multiple image capture trigger modes
  • Continuous video-like stream with less than 1 frame/s on BLE5.0 and above on compatible mobile devices
  • Proximity detection
  • Acceleration trigger
  • Environment change trigger
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity (Bluetooth 5) enabled by the RSL10 SIP
  • Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) updates
  • Small form Factor
  • Advanced 360 fps imaging provided by the ARX3A0 Mono & Color 121° DFOV IAS Module
  • High sensitivity at both visible and NIR wavelength
  • Super low power (3.2 mW)
  • 1/10" sensor for super compact module
  • Auto Exposure featured enabled during image processing
  • RSL10 Smart Shot Mobile App (GooglePlay™, iOS®)
  • Cloud connectivity to Amazon Web Services Rekognition & Microsoft Azure)
  • Image Analytics/AI Engine to detect and identify objects within an image
  • Multiple powering options (USB or rechargeable Li-Ion batteries)


  • Portable
  • Extended battery lifetime (5+ years) depending on specific use cases
  • Multiple trigger functions for various use cases


  • Asset Monitoring
  • Security
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Criteria-based Monitoring

Other platform features:

The impressive low-power operation of the RSL10 SIP and ARX3A0 is complemented by a dedicated Power Management IC (PMIC) (FAN53880UC002X) containing one buck, one boost and 4 LDOs and additional smart power management modes implemented in hardware. Other devices enabling the efficient power management are the FPF1003A IntelliMAX™ Advanced Load Management, and NCP705MT33TCG, offered as a 3.3V/500 mA, Ultra-Low Iq, Ultra low quiescent LDO Regulator.

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Energy consumption and overall solution cost

Including color and mono IAS image sensor modules, both based on the ARX3A0 CMOS image sensor, the triggered image platform features a variety of environmental sensors (accelerometer, motion, temperature and humidity) which can be used to trigger event-based image capture (e.g., object detection, temperature change).

This allows the platform to capture only required images, helping to reduce data sent to cloud and preserving energy consumption and overall solution cost.

RSL10 Smart Shot Mobile App

The RSL10 SIP allows captured images and sensor data to be sent to the provided RSL10 Smart Shot mobile app (available on GooglePlay™, iOS®). Using the app, developers can control the camera, program trigger conditions, and capture and store the images. The app is also connected to the Amazon Rekognition™ AI cloud service.

This feature is capable of detecting and identifying objects within a captured image, along with the list of identified objects and confidence levels.