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Panasonic Industry


Panasonic Industry HE-R Series Power Relays

Featuring compact packaging for multiple contact arrangements

The Panasonic Industry HE-R Series is an Energy Management Relay designed for single-phase or 3-phase AC charging units, combining High Capacity, High Switching, and Low Operating Power into a small size Power Relay.

The HE-R Series Relay also features a low coil-holding voltage for reduced power consumption and is PCB mounted to ease board assembly. This Relay also meets the necessary Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) to pass UL and IEC standards for EV charging equipment, making it suitable for charging stations, industrial equipment, and more.


  • High Capacity Switching and Carry Current Capability
    • 2 Form A (2a) – max switching current 80A @277VAC
    • 2 Form A 1 Form B (2a1b) – max switching current 80A @277VAC
    • 4 Form A (4a) – max switching current 40A @480VAC (50A carry)
    • 4 Form A 1 Form B (4a1b) – max switching current 40A @480VAC (50A carry)
  • Mirror Contact Structure with Auxiliary Contact Allows for Welding Detection Function Compliant With IEC60947-4-1 Standard


  • Low Operating Power (0.49 Watts) Using Reduced Coil Holding Voltage
  • Contact gap: Min. 3.6mm
  • Short Circuit Capability:
    • 2 FormA/2 Form A 1 Form B:
      • Irms = 5 kA (Compliant with UL508)
    • 4 Form A/4 Form A 1 Form B:
      • Ip = 2.6 kA
      • I2t = 6.5 kA2s (Compliant with IEC62955)
  • RoHS & REACH Compliant

Key Industries

  • Electric Vehicle Charging (EVSE)
  • Industrial
  • Power Generation
  • Solar


  • Single Phase AC Charger
  • 3-Phase AC Charger
  • Industrial Inverter (Single Phase)
  • Industrial Inverter (3-Phase)
  • Industrial Welding Machine
  • Solar Inverter