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Samples Kit of Quartz Crystals

Enjoy fast and convenient access to crystals needed for new, innovative designs

Raltron has introduced the electronic industry’s most complete Design Engineer’s Samples Kit of Quartz Crystals. The kit consists of 66 different batches of samples of the most popular combinations of frequencies, load capacitances and package sizes. These crystals are recommended to be used in connection with some of the most popular ICs on the market.

The Raltron design kit covers the most popular crystal frequencies, specifications and package sizes used in the design of electronic devices. Moving from KHz to MHz, the kit covers not only frequency electronic components, but also antennas and RF cable assemblies. The printed card behind each pocket shows the Raltron part number, the part description, the URL, QR code and item number. The URL or the QR code are used to download the full specification, environmental data, as well as inventory information through us right here at Future Electronics.

The items selected feature the electrical parameters (frequency, load capacitance, tolerance, temperature stability and ESR) prescribed for today’s popular ICs.

The kit covers frequencies from 8 MHz to 50 MHz mounted in 5032 to 1210 size ceramic packages and 32.768 kHz crystals in 3215 to 1210 size packages.

After registering with Raltron, download the requested crystal’s full specification as well as environmental information, order additional samples, or request a quote. You can also request parameter modifications to existing kit items to obtain an optimum specification for a given design.

Access to the kit is also optimized for mobile devices users.

Browse our extensive Raltron inventory of products, and take advantage of our quality service for samples, pre-production quantities or any other information about the kit.

Raltron XTAL Design Kit

Raltron | Future-Electronics – Crystal Resonators Design Kit

Parts included in the kit:

  • RT1210-32.768-9-TR
  • RT1610-32.768-9-TR
  • RT1610-32.768-12.5-TR
  • RT2012-32.768-6-TR
  • RT2012-32.768-7-TR
  • RT2012-32.768-9-20-EXT-TR
  • RT2012-32.768-12.5-EXT-TR
  • RT3215-32.768-6-EXT-TR
  • RT3215-32.768-9-TR
  • RT3215-32.768-12.5-TR
  • R1210-32.000-5-F-0720-TR
  • R1210-38.400-10-F-2020-TR
  • R1612-24.000-8-1020-TR-NS1
  • R1612-25.000-9-F-1010-TR
  • R1612-26.000-10-F-1010-TR-NS1
  • R1612-27.000-8-F-1530-TR
  • R1612-27.120-8-F-3030-EXT-TR
  • R1612-32.000-8-F-1010-TR-NS2
  • R1612-37.400-16-F-1010-TR-NS2
  • R1612-38.400-10-F-1010-TR-NS1
  • R1612-40.000-8-F-2020-TR-NS1
  • R1612-48.000-10-F-1010-TR
  • R2016-16.000-10-1015-TR-NS1
  • R2016-20.000-10-3030-EXT-TR
  • R2016-24.000-10-1010-TR-NS1
  • R2016-25.000-20-F-1515-EXT-TR
  • R2016-26.000-10-F-1010-TR
  • R2016-27.000-8-F-1010-EXT-TR
  • R2016-27.120-10-F-1010-TR-NS4
  • R2016-30.000-8-F-1010-TR-NS1
  • R2016-32.000-10-F-1010-TR-B1B
  • R2016-38.400-10-F-1010-TR
  • R2016-40.000-8-F-1515-TR-NS1
  • R2016-48.000-8-F-1515-EXT-TR


  • R2016-50.000-8-F-1020-EXT-TR
  • R2520-12.000-10-3030-TR
  • R2520-16.000-10-1020-EXT-TR
  • R2520-20.000-10-1010-TR-NS1
  • R2520-24.000-10-1010-TR-NS4
  • R2520-25.000-10-F-2020-TR-NS3
  • R2520-26.000-10-F-1010-EXT-TR
  • R2520-27.120-10-F-1515-TR-NS1
  • R2520-30.000-10-F-1010-TR-NS3
  • R2520-32.000-10-F-1010-TR-B1B
  • R2520-38.400-10-F-1020-TR
  • R2520-40.000-10-F-1010-EXT-TR
  • RH100-8.000-20-3050-EXT-TR
  • RH100-10.000-10-5050-TR
  • RH100-12.000-10-2020-EXT-TR
  • RH100-14.31818-18-3030-EXT-TR
  • RH100-14.7456-18-TR
  • RH100-16.000-18-2030-EXT-TR
  • RH100-18.432-18-2030-EXT-TR
  • RH100-20.000-18-2020-TR
  • RH100-24.000-20-1010-TR
  • RH100-25.000-18-F-1010-TR
  • RH100-26.000-10-F-1010-EXT-TR
  • RH100-27.000-12-F-1010-TR
  • RH100-27.120-10-F-3030-TR
  • RH100-30.000-10-F-1010-TR
  • RH100-32.000-10-F-1010-TR
  • RH100-38.400-10-F-1010-TR
  • RH100-40.000-10-F-1010-TR
  • RH100-48.000-10-F-1015-EXT-TR
  • RH100-50.000-10-F-1015-EXT-TR
  • H130B-8.000-18-3030-EXT-TR


Instructional Video of Raltron Crystal Resonators Design Kit