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RECOM R-78 Series Switching Regulators

The RECOM R-78 Series of switching regulators offer all the advantages of a switching regulator and more. These regulators are the perfect drop-in replacements for 1 Amp 78xx linear regulators. They reach peak efficiency numbers with very little energy wasted, meaning there is no need for any heat sinks.

The R-78 series features high efficiency, a wide input voltage range, accurate output voltage regulation, combined with a low cost for high production needs. Low ripple and noise figures and short circuit, overload and over temperature protection round off the specifications of the versatile R-78 regulator series by RECOM. The whole lineup is fully certified to EMC Compliance standards for electromagnetic compatibility, ESD electrostatic discharge immunity, fast transient and burst immunity and more, making zero compromise when it comes to quality and reliability of all RECOM DC-DC power supplies.

Recom: R-78 Series

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