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Renesas Quick-Connect IoT Platform

Provides compatible hardware and software building blocks

The Renesas Quick-Connect IoT Platform enables rapid prototyping of IoT systems by addressing compatibility issues with the hardware, and by pairing up software for all combinations of MCUs and sensors.

Sensors with the same interface can be daisy chained to create system solutions with multiple devices. To ensure hardware connectivity, the Quick-Connect IoT Platform provides a standard Pmod™ connector across most of Renesas’ evaluation boards, supporting I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIO interfaces as well as 3.3V and 5V operating voltages. For software, the platform makes it portable between MCU families and includes the common middleware for sensors and connectivity in the integrated development environment (IDE) software package.

Quick-Connect IoT with Renesas RA MCU Family

By choosing the Renesas RA MCU Family, Quick-Connect IoT is selectable as a new stack and middleware. The IDE code generation process enforces the I2C dependency and assists you in setting up the driver and port pins. This helps you make a customized product for your customer.