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R-IN32M3 Module (RY9012A0)

A complete industrial Ethernet solution

The Renesas R-IN32M3 Module includes a microcontroller running a protocol library which supports various kinds of real-time industrial Ethernet communication protocols such as PROFINET®, EtherNet/IPTM, and EtherCAT®. Including a 2-port Ethernet switch and a third internal port for bus and ring network topologies, the Renesas ethernet module supports a well-documented generic application programming interface (API) for simple access to the protocol library, so that real-time network data can be exchanged efficiently with a user application.

The external application processor has full control of the protocol stacks running on the R-IN32M3 module CPU without interfering with its real-time communications or wasting the CPU performance of the host processor. Also available: an extensive tool chain, covering an evaluation board (module and application processor), API source code, and host application examples including extensive documentation. All to ease integration into your target application environment and to enable users to set up a lean and independent connection to existing or new applications, products, and networks while accelerating times to market.