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Total Solutions for Industrial Applications

Calling all industrial applications designers. We are featuring ROHM’s extensive lineup of components for industrial power that allow designers to experience the freedom and flexibility of choosing the best solution for their needs. Meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s industrial markets with our wide selection of reliable products by ROHM and the specialists to bring projects to life.


SCT3 Series

ROHM’s SCT Series of 3rd-generation trench-gate type SiC MOSFETs available in 6 variants (650V/1200V). These MOSFETs feature approx. 50% lower ON-resistance than 2nd-generation planar types, making them ideal for large server power supplies, UPS systems, solar power converters, and electric vehicle charging stations requiring high efficiency.

The SCT3 series is offered in a 4-pin package (TO-247-4L) incorporating a source terminal for the gate driver to separate from the conventional source terminal, which minimizes the reduction in gate voltage and maximizes switching performance.

Gate Drivers

BM6021x Series

BM6021x Series gate drivers are high and low side drive ICs which operate up to 1200V with bootstrap operation, driving N-channel power MOSFETs and IGBTs. Under-voltage Lockout (UVLO) function and Miller Clamp function are built-in.

BM61xx Series

These automotive-grade gate drivers provide an isolation voltage of 3750V, I/O delay time of 65ns, and a minimum input pulse width of 60ns, all in a compact 3.5mmx10.2mmx1.9mm form factor.

Accelerometer with Built-in Noise Filtering

Kionix KX132/KX134

KX accelerometers by ROHM are optimized for machine condition monitoring. Featuring advanced Data Path (ADP) technology, the devices allow noise filtering and sensor signal processing normally carried out by the MCU to be performed by the accelerometer. The accelerometers contribute to reducing MCU load and power consumption together with improved application performance.

Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

BM63xxx Series (IGBT) | BM65xxx Series (MOS)

All you need for motor control, including the power device control IC and peripheral circuitry. ROHM IPMs deliver efficiency integrated into a single package, utilizing an IGBT-optimized design customized for a variety of applications such as large home appliances, renewable energy, fans, and industrial motor drives. This makes the design process less complicated while improving system efficiency.

Shunt Resistors

GMR Series

Find out what the GMR Series of shunt resistors can do in a wide range of automotive and industrial markets to detect current in high power sets. In both industries, the shift towards computerization and electro-mechanical systems resulting from the need to provide greater safety and efficiency along with the emergence of electric vehicles has increased the number of small motors and ECUs required, driving the demand for compact shunt resistors.


ROHM’s unsurpassed portfolio of power solutions for the industrial sector ranges from SiC MOSFETs and gate drivers to IPMs and discretes such as shunt resistors, allowing designers to select the ideal products to meet set needs.



ROHM Semiconductor

Knowing ROHM designs and components find a home in the dynamic and ever-growing wireless, computer, automotive, and consumer electronics markets, we are putting the focus on the growing industrial power market, a large part of ROHM's product lineups.

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SiC Power and Gate Driver Solutions

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Digital Datasheet: BM6021x Series

1200V AEC-Q Automotive Compliant Gate Drivers