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ROHM DC-DC Converters

Embrace the future of power management

ROHM's DC-DC converters are designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic systems, delivering efficient and reliable power conversion. These converters excel at transforming and regulating voltage levels, providing seamless power distribution and voltage matching across a diverse range of applications.

ROHM DC-DC converter ICs (switching regulators) are available with or without integrated FET (boost/buck/buck-boost) in single- and multi-channel configurations that deliver broad compatibility. Their industry-leading DC-DC converters and evaluation boards allow customers to develop and differentiate their power designs. They are ideally suited for:

  • Industrial equipment applications
  • Cellular base stations
  • Consumer computers and peripherals
  • Automotive applications

One notable feature of ROHM DC-DC converters is their high efficiency, which helps to maximize power utilization and minimize energy wastage. By leveraging advanced circuit designs and cutting-edge semiconductor technologies, ROHM has achieved remarkable levels of efficiency, contributing to longer battery life, reduced heat generation, and increased overall system performance.

ROHM DC-DC Converter


Reliability is also a key hallmark of ROHM DC-DC converters. Built with robust construction and rigorous testing procedures, these converters exhibit exceptional stability and durability, ensuring long-term operation in even the most challenging environments. With comprehensive protection features such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and thermal shutdown, ROHM DC-DC converters offer enhanced safety and safeguard critical components from potential damage.

Whether it's for automotive electronics, industrial automation, consumer electronics, or renewable energy systems, ROHM has a comprehensive lineup of DC-DC converters to address the unique needs of each sector.