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ScioSense ENS210 Digital Output Sensor

Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor with I²C Interface

The ScioSense ENS210 high performance digital output sensor monolithically integrates a highly accurate relative humidity and temperature sensor. The ENS210 comes pre-calibrated in a QFN4 package and includes an I²C slave interface for communication with a host processor.


Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-accurate:
    • Temperature sensor (±0.15°C)
    • Relative humidity sensor (Typ:±2.0%RH)
  • Wide sensing range
    • Temperature operating range (–40°C to 100°C)
    • Relative humidity operating range (0% to 100%)
  • Wide operating voltage
    • 1.71V to 3.60V
  • Small footprint
    • 2.0mm x 2.0mm x 0.75mm
  • Industry standard two-wire interface
    • Standard (100kbit/s) and fast (400kbit/s) I²C
  • Low power
    • Automatic low-power standby when not measuring
    • Active current: 6.6μA @ 1Hz (1.8V)
    • Standby current: 40nA
  • Cost effective
    • Digital pre-calibrated relative humidity and temperature sensor
    • Output directly in %RH and Kelvin
    • Wide supply voltage range
  • High reliability


  • Home appliances: dryers, cooker hoods, refrigerators
  • Home and building climate control systems
  • Transportation condition monitoring
  • Wireless sensor nodes
  • Personal health and wellness monitoring
  • Industrial automation (e.g. server rooms)

ENS210 Block Diagram

ScioSense – ENS210 Block Diagram

ENS210 Evaluation Kit

The ENS210 Evaluation Kit is a combination of an ENS210 flex rigid PCB and a micro-USB-to-I²C convertor. The evaluation kit connects to a Windows PC via USB port and the sensor is powered via the micro-USB- to- I²C convertor. It can be controlled by a Windows PC based application, which demonstrates the relative humidity and temperature values measured by the sensor. The PC application can also be used for logging of sensor data as well as to monitor the I²C transaction. The evaluation kit can also be used for quick integration into the end customer’s application.

The ENS210 evaluation kit comes with an extensive set of documentation such as a user manual, application notes, reference drivers for easy design in.