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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity Universal MATE-N-LOK™ Connectors

Robust and reliable connectors fulfill stringent modern industry standards

TE Connectivity’s Universal MATE-N-LOK™ Connectors utilize a combination of pins and sockets intermixed in the plug and cap housings to achieve excellent grouping in several assemblies of appliances, low power applications, HVAC systems, lighting, consumer electronics and more.

The MATE-N-LOK™ connectors feature electrical performance in a 6.35mm [.25 in] pitch design. Rated up to 19A max. and offered in a range of configurations, TE Connectivity Universal MATE-N-LOK™ housings feature positive polarization, positive locking, and rear cavity identification for easy and error resistant assembly.

New Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) devices are now available and fit with existing Universal MATE-N-LOK™ cap and plug housings. These TPA’s can be used on standard temperature housings to help ensure that terminals are properly positioned and fully seated in the housings during assembly and improve the retention of the terminals to prevent terminal backouts.

Universal MATE-N-LOK™ connectors offer numerous options including circular, flanged, bulkhead, sealed, to offer solutions for a broad range of applications.

Note: Seals can not be used with TPA.


MATE-N-LOK™ Features

  • Contacts are on 6.35mm (.25in) centerline spacing
  • Rated to 19A max. to provide excellent electrical performance
  • Available in tin or gold plating
  • 2-10 in-line positions
  • Offered in wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel, and wire-to-board configurations
  • 6, 9, 12, 15 matrix
  • Wire-to-wire (1-15 positions), and wire-to-board (2-15 positions)
  • Housings feature rear cavity identification which help to prevent errors during assembly
  • Colored housings are offered in various materials (GWT compliant)
  • Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) devices available to help ensure terminals are fully seated and stay that way

MATE-N-LOK™ Applications

  • Small home appliances
  • Large home appliances
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Industrial machinery & controls
  • Automotive

Performance Characteristics

  • Voltage Rating - 600 VAC/VDC
  • Contact Insertion Force - 5.0 lb. max. per contact
  • Contact Retention - 15 lb. min. per contact
  • Durability - 50 cycles, mating and unmating