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TT Electronics - IRC

Defibrillator Pulse Chip Resistors

DPCR Series

TT Electronics DPCR Series Defibrillator Pulse Chip Resistors are designed to withstand medical defibrillator surges. The resistors prevent electrical energy from being diverted into sensitive monitoring equipment connected to a patient. This avoids any reduction in the effectiveness of defibrillation, while also protecting the equipment. 20K and 51K values at 5% tolerance are available and the resistors can withstand ESD to 15kV.


  • Withstands medical defibrillator surges
  • Tested to IEC 60601-2-27 at 5kV peak
  • Tested to IEC 61000-4-2, Level 4 ESD
  • 20K and 51K values standard at 5%
  • Anti-sulfur terminations
  • High stability of ohmic value
  • Standard 2512 chip format


  • External defibrillators
  • Portable defibrillators (AED)
  • Heart monitors (ECG)
  • Neurological monitors (EEG)
  • Blood flow monitors (impedance plethysmography)
  • Any electrically connected medical devices
  • Cables for connecting above monitors

What are Defibrillator Pulse Chip Resistors? (DPCR)

An advancement in high-density signal carrier (HDSC) options, the defibrillator pulse chip resistor (DPCR) is an untrimmed, two-sided version, doubling surge capacity resistor via its thick film material on both sides of the chip. Optimized for monitor inputs, this compact footprint option provides a guaranteed defibrillator pulse-withstand performance. Surge protection is maximized two ways – for deliberate surges such as from a defibrillator, and for random ones, such as those resulting from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Pre-qualified for maximum energy and voltage performance, the DPCR is pre-qualified to IEC 60601-2-27 for defibrillation surges and IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 for ESD. It offers a robust design option that reduces risk and quickly moves designs to market.