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Yageo TVS Diodes

Featuring the SMBJ Series

Yageo’s TVS (Transient voltage suppressors) feature very fast response speed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events.

Yageo offers a variety of industrial and automotive grade TVS products with different package types and power ratings which are widely used in low speed data transmission lines or DC power lines. The working voltage of TVS is from 5 V to 600 V (or even higher). The peak pulse power rating can reach up to 30000W.

TVS Diodes have advantages of low dynamic resistance, excellent clamping capability, and high reliability.

  • AEC-Q101 qualified product available
  • Low leak current in μA level
  • Highly reliable and long life cycle Safety certification by UL1449 Specifications
  • Voltage range: 5 ~ 600V (or even higher) Comprehensive package options, iSMBJ (DO-214AA)Both unidirectional and bidirectional TVS are available Ipp of high surge type
  • TVS (Hyperfix series) can reach 3kA, 6kA, 10kA, 16kA, or 20kA.
  • It can be used in primary protection.
  • UL497B, UL 1449, GR 1089, ITU-T, K.21, IEC 61000-4-5, ISO7637,
  • RoHS compliant
  • DC power supply / UPS
  • Industrial equipment / I/O interface
  • Safety surveillance / Automotive


YAGEO: General Purpose TVS Diodes