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Triad manufactures a wide range of popular off-the-shelf and custom designed chokes, inductors and other magnetic components designed for EMI/RFI suppression and noise filtering near power components. Our advanced chokes and inductors offer superior performance, rugged construction, high quality, long life and excellent value. All are RoHS compliant.



  • Class D amps
  • di/dt inductors
  • FETs
  • IGBT modules
  • LED drivers
  • Output filtering
  • Power converters


CMF Dual Function Chokes

Triad’s dependable CMF Series Chokes provide common mode suppression and stray inductance to suppress differential mode noise. In effect, the CMF combines the features of two separate components into one.



  • Rated current: 0.45A to 2.3A
  • Rated inductance: 10mH to 100mH
  • Resistance: 279mΩ to 1970mΩ
  • Stray inductance: 200mH to 2100mH


CME Common Mode Inductors

Triad’s CME Series Common Mode Inductors provide EMI noise suppression. They feature our e-core and are used in various types of power supplies. They also provide highly effective differential mode filtering and meet regulatory requirements. Normally placed close to the input source, these compact inductors are constructed with UL rated 130ºC materials.



  • Minimum inductance: 2mH to 67.5mH
  • RMS current: 0.4A to 7.5A
  • Maximum DC resistance: 0.5Ω to 2.02Ω
  • Minimum leakage: 1.1μH to 720μH


CMT Common Mode Inductors

Triad’s CMT Series Common Mode Inductors provide common mode EMI suppression for power supplies. They feature our precision coil windings to eliminate noise and to minimize the AC line transmitted interference often created by high frequency switching power supplies. They also meet various regulatory requirements and are constructed with UL rated 130°C materials.



  • Minimum inductance: 1mH to 50mH
  • Maximum current: 1.7A to 20A
  • Maximum DCR: 0.006Ω to 0.45Ω


CMT908 Encapsulated Common Mode Inductor

Triad’s CMT908 Series Common Mode Inductor features a sealed encapsulated design that is ideal for rugged environments and where reliability is critical. It provides superior common mode EMI noise suppression for power supplies and other power devices.



  • Minimum inductance: 2.0mH to 16mH
  • RMS current: 2.60A to 7.50A
  • Maximum DCR: 0.020Ω to 0.160Ω
  • Minimum leakage: 25.0μH to 180.0μH


UT/ET Common Mode Inductors

Triad’s UT/ET Series Common Mode Inductors help prevent EMI/RFI in a wide range of applications. Features include low leakage flux, high self-resonant frequency, high impedance at applicable frequency and low stray capacitance in section winding. Precision coil winding ensures excellent performance and reliability.



  • Minimum inductance: 0.45mH to 120mH
  • Maximum inductance difference: 100μH to 2500μH
  • Maximum DCR: 0.1Ω to 3.7Ω
  • Current rating: 0.5A to 4A