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EPS Global

Seamless Security in the Manufacturing of Connected Devices

EPS Global is one of the world's largest programming and secure provisioning service providers, and has partnered with Future Electronics and all major semiconductor vendors to provide secure provisioning services to customers on their security-enabled devices.

While the IoT has many benefits, the reality is that the proliferation of connected devices that make up the IoT ecosystem has introduced risk directly into the physical world. The lines between virtual threats and actual threats to real-world devices, utilities and critical infrastructure are blurred. It is more than a company's reputation at stake, should their product be compromised and cause security issues down the line. The product IP is potentially at risk also, so software should be encrypted to ensure it is protected from intrusion, and later, counterfeiting.

To protect IoT devices, security must be built in from the initial application design and throughout the supply chain but can be challenging to implement. EPS Global simplifies the process, offering cost-effective Secure Provisioning services to Future customers, removing the challenges which might be critical to getting a product to market. With 19 secure Programming Centers worldwide, customers can seamlessly access a global network of secure programming centers to service prototype to high volume secure provisioning and data programming requirements.


  • Secure provisioning globally
  • Device support
  • Seamless transition from prototype to high volume
  • Competitive pricing
  • World-class quality level
  • Security certificates and standards


  • Connected devices in:
    • Industrial IoT
    • Automotive
    • Mass-market consumer IoT
    • Medical
    • Telecommunications


EPS Global Secure Provisioning