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METZ CONNECT’s SM99 and SR99 are spring-clamp terminal blocks which have a compact footprint, and accept wire sizes up to 16 AWG.

The SM99 blocks are for surface-mount assembly, and the SR99 are for through-hole mounting. Both types are reflow-capable according to the JEDEC 20 MSL 1 standard.

Featuring a push-in method for wire insertion and a large finger push-button for wire release, they are easy to install and use.

The SM99 and SR99 series offer good connection reliability, thanks to a wire connection indicator and a test point for a continuity check. They give the board designer great flexibility, as they can be placed as single poles nearly anywhere on a PCB.

  • 90° connection angle
  • Single wire size range: 24 AWG to 16 AWG
  • 9A nominal current
  • Color variants for finger latch
  • IP20 ingress rating
  • Consumer devices
  • Lighting
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units
  • Security systems
  • Industrial equipment


METZ CONNECT terminal blocks: Available in versions for surface and through-hole mounting


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