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ON Semiconductor


ON Semiconductor has introduced new USB Type-C™ devices which are fully compliant with the latest specifications. The new devices include two controllers and a switch.

The FUSB303 port controller can convert existing and new systems to a USB-C interface, supporting applications that are to operate in Source (SRC), Sink (SNK), or Dual Role Port (DRP) modes. The device offers autonomous detection, and requires minimal processor interaction and firmware support.

The low-power operation of the FUSB303 is particularly attractive to mobile and ultraportable applications: in stand-by mode, it draws less than 10μA.

The controller is housed in a QFN package measuring 1.6mm x 1.6mm x 0.375mm which is thinner than standard CSP packaging, allowing use in the most space-constrained designs.

The FSUSB242 is a USB-C compliant port protection switch which blocks high and surge voltages. As required by the USB-C standard, the switch allows for multiplexing of two USB sources on to the common DP/DM positive and negative data terminal pins, while maintaining signal integrity.

The device offers IEC 64000-4-5-compliant surge protection up to ±20V, without the use of an external transient voltage suppressor. The FSUSB242’s low power consumption makes it suitable for mobile applications.

The FUSB302BV controller is intended for use in automotive USB Power Delivery (PD) applications. While other solutions are only for consumer applications, this device is AEC-Q100 qualified. It supports detection functions including attach and orientation, making it one of the most efficient and flexible products on the market.

Unlike other solutions, the FUSB302BV communicates via an I2C interface and does not integrate a microprocessor. This ensures the device meets the automotive requirements for minimal energy consumption and low levels of self-heating.

ON Semiconductor also supplies a portfolio of USB redrivers which reduce signal losses in long cable runs.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptop computers
  • Wearable devices
  • Multi-function printers
  • Servers
  • Games consoles
  • Digital video recorders
  • Industry 4.0 equipment
  • Automotive audio and infotainment systems
  • Power adapters


Redriver Part Number Description Channel Package
NB7NPQ701M 3.3V 5Gbits/s and 10Gbits/s redriver Single 2mm x 2mm WDFN8
NB7VPQ701M 1.8V, 5Gbits/s and 10Gbits/s redriver Single 1.6mm x 1.6mm UQFN12
NB7NPQ702M 3.3V 5Gbits/s and 10Gbits/s redriver Dual, bi-directional 3mm x 3mm UQFN16
NB7VPQ702M 1.8V, 5Gbits/s and 10Gbits/s redriver Dual, bi-directional 3mm x 3mm UQFN16





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