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Panasonic has introduced new lowprofile Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors, extending its EKMB and EKMC series of products.

Featuring a new lens design, the low-profile PIR sensors are 10.9mm high, while regular EKMC and EKMB products are 14.4mm high. The low-profile sensors offer a good detection range of 5m.

The new products are composed of a lens which creates a number of detection zones, an optical filter to block non-infrared light, pyroelectric sensing elements, and an impedance converter which provides an electrical output signal.

In addition, Panasonic also integrates an amplifier and comparator circuit on the same sensor ASIC in the stem block, an architecture which saves space and allows for electro-magnetic shielding of all circuitry while reducing component count. A high signal-to-noise ratio ensures that the sensors avoid false triggering events.

The EKMC and EKMB PIR sensors are available with a white, black or pearl white lens. The EKMC7607 parts are classed as ‘low sensitivity’ types, and the EKMC4607 as ‘high sensitivity’ types.

  • High reliability
  • 100µA operating current in detection mode (EKMB series)
  • Lighting controls
  • Thermostats
  • HVAC units
  • Smart home equipment
  • IoT devices
  • IP cameras
  • Surveillance systems
  • Digital signage


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