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Renesas ISL94216 Battery Front End (BFE) IC

16-cell li-ion battery monitoring IC performs accurate voltage and current measurement

Renesas has introduced the ISL94216, an integrated battery monitoring IC which provides essential measurement and sensing functions for maintaining safe operation and optimizing the performance and lifetime of lithium-ion battery packs operating at up to 55V.

The ISL94216 Battery Front End (BFE) IC is an essential component of a li-ion Battery Management System (BMS). Featuring a differential multiplexer and a 16-bit ADC, it performs accurate monitoring of cell voltage, temperature, and load current in a battery pack containing from four to 16 cells in series.

The Renesas ISL94216 BFE IC offers internal cell-balancing circuitry which provides 8mA of balance current per cell. Its cell voltage measurements and MOSFET drivers can also be used to manage external cell balancing at higher currents seamlessly via dedicated pins. Cell balancing helps both to extend a cell’s lifetime, and to maximize the battery pack’s run-time between charges.

The ISL94216 provides a number of other functions which would otherwise require additional discrete components, such as a charge pump and high-side drivers, 3.3V voltage regulator, wake-up logic, and an LED driver circuit. The ISL94216 is easy to interface to a host microcontroller via I2C, SPI, or Single Wire connections.

This 16-cell BFE offers robust performance, tolerating a peak voltage of 62V during hot plug events.

The ISL94216 plays an important role in Renesas’ 48V Mobility Winning Combination Solution, a comprehensive modular reference design for end products such as e-scooters and e-bikes running from a 25Ahr li-ion battery.

ISL94216 Features

  • ±10mV maximum cell voltage measurement accuracy
  • ±0.2% pack current measurement accuracy
  • Charge/load wake-up detection circuitry
  • Four-pin GPIO port
  • Integrated temperature sensing
  • 9mm x 9mm QFN package with thermal pad

ISL94216 Applications

  • Light electric vehicles
    • E-bikes
    • E-scooters
    • E-motorcycles
  • Cordless power and gardening tools
  • Home appliances
  • 24V, 36V, 42V, and 48V portable battery packs
  • Telecoms and server farms
  • Solar farms
  • Energy storage systems

Evaluation Kit

Renesas - Evaluation Kit - ISL94216EVKIT1Z

The ISL94216EVKIT1Z evaluation kit consists of an ISL94216 evaluation board, an ISO-DONGLE-EV1Z communications dongle with USB cable, and a BMS-PS-CELL16Z 16-cell resistor ladder board. The kit also provides a GUI for examination of the outputs from the evaluation board.