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STMicroelectronics ST25R3916

Universal NFC reader for EMVCo applications offers high RF performance in noisy operating environments

STMicroelectronics ST25R3916 NFC/RFID reader extends its ST25R391x series of NFC/RFID reader ICs with this new universal device / NFC reader which offers outstanding performance in electrically noisy applications such as handheld payment terminals.

As well as supporting the NFC function in conformance with the EMVCo standard for contactless payment terminals, the STMicroelectronics ST25R3916 may be used for secure, short-range wireless connectivity in functions such as access control, IoT, accessory identification, asset management.

The new ST25R3916 NFC/RFID reader’s unique features make it more robust and improve performance, helping OEMs to pass the tests specified by industry certification schemes more easily and faster, while giving them the freedom to place the reader IC and its antenna in noisy locations such as close to a touchscreen display.

These features include:

  • Automatic EMD handling
  • Active wave shaping to smooth over- and under-shoots. This helps comply with the requirements of the NFC and EMVCo standards
  • Noise suppression receiver, which enables operation in noisy environments
  • Automatic Antenna Tuning (AAT) through the use of variable capacitors
  • Dynamic power output
  • Capacitive and inductive wake-up to save power by operating in stand-by mode when not actively transmitting or receiving

The ST25R3916 reader can operate in various modes specified by the NFC Forum standards, including Reader/Writer, P2P and Card Emulation. It is fully compliant with all relevant NFC Forum standards. ST also supplies an RFAL software library of EMVCo L1 code and an NFC Forum protocol stack.

STMicroelectronics also offers a few variants, such as the ST25R3917, for users who do not require the P2P and Card Emulation modes, nor the AAT function, and the ST25R3920, the automotive grade version with full functionality as ST25R3916, for application such as door handle /car keyless entry or center console.

ST25R3916 Features

  • Standards compliance:
    • ISO14443A/B
    • ISO15693
    • ISO18092
    • FeliCa
    • NFC Forum
  • 1.6W output power
  • Serial peripheral and I2C interfaces
  • Ambient-temperature range: -40°C to 105°C

ST25R3916 Applications

  • Contactless point-of-sale payment terminals
  • Access control systems
  • Gaming
  • IoT devices
  • Logistics systems
  • Industrial equipment
  • Contactless application launchers such as Apple App Clip or Android Instant App in CE mode


Development Kit

The ST25R3916-DISCO kit contains two boards:

  • The MB1396 is a microprocessor motherboard based on an STM32L476 microcontroller, and includes an ST-LINK embedded debug tool interface, a 2.4” TFT touchscreen display, LEDs, push buttons and a mini-USB debug connector.
  • The MB1414 is a daughterboard featuring the ST25R3916 reader and an antenna etched on the PCB.

The kit is supplied with application notes, software applications, drivers, bill-of-materials, board schematics, Gerber files, and firmware schematics.


STMicroelectronics – ST25R3916-DISCO Kit