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STMicroelectronics STM32WB50 Value Line Wireless Microcontrollers

Multi-protocol MCU now in lower-cost ‘Value Line’ version

The STMicroelectronics STM32WB50 Value Line Wireless Microcontroller, a pin-compatible derivative of the STM32WB55 wireless System-on-Chip (SoC), provides Bluetooth® 5.0, Zigbee® 3.0 or OpenThread connectivity capability to cost-sensitive connected devices.

The STM32WB50 wireless MCUs offer a good link budget for reliable connectivity - 100dB in Bluetooth 5.0 mode up to 104dB in IEEE 802.15.4 mode - and a range of functions to maintain security.

The architecture of the STMicroelectronics STM32WB50 microcontroller gives developers the ability to isolate the 2.4GHz radio from the application to enhance system security, or to support real-time operation. The MCU features an Arm® Cortex®-M4 core to handle the user-application software, and a Cortex-M0+ core to run the radio sub-system, including the protocol stack and security operations. Basic on-chip security features include an AES-128 hardware cryptography engine, true random number generator, secure key storage, and a hardware public key authority.

Billed as a cost-saving Value Line product, the STM32WB50 Value Line integrates balun circuitry, helping OEMs to reduce bill-of-materials cost as well as simplify their PCB layout. The STM32WB50’s package allows users to implement a simple PCB which consists of only one or two layers.

The STM32WB50 MCU includes 1Mbyte of Flash memory and 128kbytes of RAM. It supports over-the-air updating of its radio stack. Extra capabilities provided in the STM32WB55 wireless SoC include a higher data rate over Bluetooth Low Energy links – 2Mbits/s rather than the STM32WB50’s 1Mbit/s maximum throughput – and support for concurrent Bluetooth Low Energy + OpenThread or Bluetooth Low Energy + Zigbee operation.

Both the STM32WB55 System-on-Chip and the STM32WB50 microcontroller benefit from the developer tools, software and environment provided by the STM32Cube ecosystem. It is supplied with Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth Mesh, ZigBee 3.0 or OpenThread certified stacks. The toolset includes the STM32CubeMonRF for radio performance evaluation, and the STM32CubeProg programmer, which enables secure programming of the RF stacks.

STM32WB50 MCU Features

  • Supply-voltage range: 2.0V-3.6V
  • Energy-saving operation
    • 14nA shut-down current
    • 700nA stand-by current
    • 303 ULPMark™ CP score
  • High performance:
    • 219.48 CoreMark® score
    • 3.43 CoreMark rating/MHz at 64MHz
  • Operating-temperature range: -10°C to 85°C
  • 12-bit ADC operating at up to 2.13Msamples/s
  • Up to 30 fast I/Os

STM32WB50 MCU Applications

  • IoT devices
  • Building automation
  • Smart cities
  • Home appliances


Development Board

The P-NUCLEO-WB55 pack consists of a Nucleo multi-protocol wireless MCU development board and a complementary wireless dongle which also features an STM32WB MCU. The Nucleo board supports ST morpho and Arduino Uno expansion options.