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Infineon has introduced the OPTIREG™ TLF35584, an integrated Power Management IC (PMIC) which provides an efficient, multi-output power supply to a 5V or 3.3V microcontroller, transceivers and sensors in safety-critical automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

The PMIC is compatible with the ASIL grade D safety requirements of systems which comply with the ISO 26262 automotive safety standard.

Design flexibility is built into the operation of the TLF35584. For instance, it supports a wide switching-frequency range to enable the design to optimize for efficiency or system size. The PMIC is compatible with Infineon’s AURIX™ 32-bit security microcontrollers.

The development of the TLF35584 was conducted in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 26262 standard. The processes which Infineon applied, the safety assessment made of the TLF35584, and documentation including safety manual and a safety analysis summary report reduce the time and effort involved in completing a safety assessment of the complete ECU in which the TLF35584 is embedded.

Safety integrity functions offered by the PMIC include:

  • Under- and over-voltage monitoring of all power rails with an independent reference voltage
  • A flexible watchdog to detect dependent failures
  • Monitoring of the host MCU’s safety management unit
  • Safe state controller which provides secondary safety paths

A Built-In Self-Test (BIST) system ensures the proper functioning of the relevant safety features.

All safety-relevant configurations are locked, and can only be changed by applying a special unlock/lock sequence.

The TLF35584QV parts are supplied in a small, 48-lead QFN package which supports automated optical inspection, and the TLF35584QK parts are in a 64-lead QFP package.

FTM Development Board

This application board is for evaluating the performance of the TLF35584QVVS1 PMIC for the AURIX MCU.

  • Input-voltage range: 4V to 35V
  • Pre-regulator power management block
    • Synchronous buck converter
    • Optional asynchronous boost converter
  • Post-regulator power management block
    • LDO supply to MCU
    • LDO supply to communications channels
    • LDO supply to sensors
    • Reference voltage
  • LDO for standby power supply
  • Flexible state machine
  • Serial peripheral interface to host MCU
  • Powertrain
    • Engine management
    • Transmission
    • Transfer case
    • Integrated starter generator
    • Electric motors
  • Battery management
    • Inverter
    • DC-DC converter
    • Charger
  • Chassis/safety
    • Electric power steering
    • Electric steering column lock
    • Electric parking brake
    • Brakes
    • Active suspension
    • Chassis control
    • Domain control
    • ADAS domain control