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Libero SoC release provides single design suite for latest Microchip FPGAs

Microchip has announced the release of Libero SoC version 12.0 FPGA design software, delivering new gains in run-time and quality of results. The release also creates for the first time a single, unified design suite for all the company’s latest FPGA families, including new production releases of its PolarFire FPGAs.

By upgrading to Libero SoC v12.0, designers will see run-time reduction of 60% for timing, 25% for place and route, and 18% for power results.





New 600W DOSA-compliant DC-DC converter brick

Murata Power Solutions has launched a series of DOSA-compliant 600W digital quarter-brick DC-DC converter modules which provide a 12V output. The modules, which include a 32-bit Arm® processor core, support the latest PMBus commands for digital control and telemetry functions.

The DSQ, DCQ and DAQ series converters operate from an input-voltage range of 36V to 75V, and offer typical efficiency of 96% at full load from a 48V input.

The modules are supplied with a base plate to provide for optimal thermal performance.







Breakthrough in high-frequency operation of high-power infrared LEDs

Lumileds and Melexis have developed an evaluation kit which enables designers to operate Lumileds’ LUXEON infrared LEDs at high frequencies of up to 40MHz. The LUXEON IR LEDs produce the clean and repeatable response curve required for time-of-flight measurement operations performed in distance measurement and ranging applications at a range of up to 3m.

The illuminator evaluation kit developed by Lumileds reduces the rise and fall times of the light pulses to 6ns, superior by a factor of four to similar LED devices. In the evaluation kit, the LUXEON LEDs are paired with Melexis’ Automotive QVGA time-of-flight sensor chipset.


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