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Panasonic PAN1780AT Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Wireless Module

Includes new built-in AT command set

Panasonic has launched the PAN1780AT, a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wireless module which includes an integrated BlueRadios nBlue™ Bluetooth AT.s LE command set. The PAN1780AT module is fully configurable via AT commands, helping reduce the time and effort required to integrate it into the host system design.

Compliant with the Bluetooth 5.0 specifications, the PAN1780AT supports the advertising extensions in the BLE specification which allow for much larger amounts of data to be broadcast in connectionless scenarios. The new CSA#2 channel selection algorithm improves performance in environments subject to high levels of interference.

The Panasonic PAN1780AT’s very low power consumption makes it an ideal choice for battery-powered devices. The module also supports Type 2 NFC-A operation with an external antenna for use in simplified pairing and payment solutions.

Featuring an Arm® Cortex®-M4F processor core, the PAN1780AT provides 256kbytes of RAM and 1Mbyte of Flash memory. Based on the Nordic nRF52840 single-chip radio controller, the module offers a data-transfer rate of 2Mbits/s via its built-in high-speed radio transceiver. Sensitivity is -95dBm at 1Mbit/s and -103dBm at 125kbits/s. Output power is configurable up to a maximum of 8dBm.

The PAN1780AT’s surface-mount package measures 15.6mm x 8.7mm x 2.1mm. Its outline is the same as that of the Panasonic PAN1780, PAN1026A and PAN1762 radio modules.

The PAN1780AT may be ordered using the part number ENW89854A3KF.

PAN1780AT Features

  • 4.8mA Transmit current at 0dBm output power
  • 4.86mA Receive current at 1Mbit/s
  • Up to 46 general-purpose I/Os
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed interface
  • Supply-voltage range: 1.7V to 5.5V
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Temperature sensor

PAN1780AT Applications

  • Industrial IoT
    • Smart city infrastructure
    • Industrial mesh networks
    • Robotics
  • Smart homes and buildings
    • Building automation
    • Smart locks
    • Metering
  • Medical devices
    • Smart health equipment
    • Secure medical peripherals


Evaluation Kit

The Panasonic ENW89854AYKF Evaluation Kit consists of two PAN1780AT USB evaluation boards with AT command stack packed in a case. The PAN1780AT daughterboard enables quick prototyping and software testing. Break-out headers provide an easy way to connect sensors as well as other devices.