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Innovate your IoT designs with the latest Renesas Synergy Microcontrollers

The latest device in the S1 MCU Series, the S1JA, boasts some of the highest performing analog circuitry in the Renesas Synergy™ product line. Both a 24-bit delta-sigma and 16-bit SAR ADC are available on the S1JA, as well as three operational amplifi ers. Additionally, all the analog componentry is tied together through a programmable switching matrix. This means you can set up and route all the analog inputs and outputs to each other and have the analog componentry operate independently of the MCU core, allowing you to keep the core in a low power state, which helps keep the power consumption to a minimum.

The innovation in the S1JA isn’t just in the analog circuitry. The S1JA is powered by the next-generation Arm® microcontroller core, the Cortex®-M23. This latest core, based on the Arm v8m architecture, boasts many updates and improvements over the Cortex-M0+ to help power your next-generation IoT device. New instructions, enhanced debug, and hardware divide capabilities are just some of the enhancements now available on the S1JA.

The power of the Cortex-M23, along with the enhanced analog circuitry, makes the S1JA well-suited for applications such as analog sensors or front-ends, instrumentation amplifiers, or any applications that currently have a standalone ADC and MCU in the signal chain.

Power for your next-generation connected IoT device

The S5D3 is the latest device in the S5 MCU Series. Powered by an Arm Cortex-M4F processor running at 120 MHz, it has 512 KB of on-board code fl ash and 256 KB of SRAM, providing enough memory to run the most demanding applications. It has been optimized for applications where connectivity is a must, but graphics and Ethernet capability may not be required. The S5D3 has enough processing power, code flash, and SRAM to run multiple connectivity stacks at once, while being cost competitive in terms of features and performance.

The S5D3 boasts six programmable gain amplifiers and many high precision timers. It also hosts multiple SPI, I2C, and UART peripherals. This wealth of peripherals makes the S5D3 ideal for applications like motor control, connectivity or sensor hubs, or wireless communications controllers.

Get more design power with the updated Synergy Software Package

As with all Synergy MCUs, the S1JA and S5D3 MCUs can fully utilize the Synergy Software Package (SSP), as well as professional commercial grade tools provided in the Synergy Platform. The SSP is powered by the ThreadX® RTOS from Express Logic and contains all the software drivers, middleware, and frameworks to get started on your next design quickly.

On top of that, you can choose from an Eclipse-based IDE in addition to a fully functional IAR Embedded Workbench® for Synergy. All the software and tools are provided free of charge and can be used on any Synergy MCU.



Get started today with a Renesas Synergy Development Kit

Order your Synergy S1JA (YSTBS1JAE10) or S5D3 (YSTBS5D3E10) development kit today.



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