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TE Connectivity


TE Connectivity (TE) has updated its FASTON line of standard terminals to meet the changing trends in the appliance, automotive and other industries.

These trends include the need for lower insertion forces, higher performance and higher temperature ratings.

The new standard line of FASTON terminals includes:

  • High-temperature, nickel-plated steel receptacles
  • Tin-plated brass receptacles
  • Tin-plated brass receptacles using new 2D crimp technology

The standard line of FASTON receptacles is easily identifiable by the dog-bone shaped front end of the receptacle, which allows the mating tab to mate on a rolled edge instead of a sheared edge for reduced insertion force.

The new standard tin-plated brass receptacles are UL rated to 125°C. By contrast, TE’s legacy tin-plated brass FASTON receptacles were rated only to 110°C. In addition, the tin-plated brass receptacles are performance-tested on the sixth mating cycle rather than the first, to allow for disconnection and reconnection during service calls without needing to replace the receptacles. All standard FASTON receptacles are backward-compatible with existing FASTON housings.

TE’s standard-line 2D crimp FASTON receptacles will allow customers to standardize on four receptacles to cover their full wire range, replacing hundreds of other receptacles, potentially giving better productivity and pricing while reducing change-overs.

The reduced number of receptacles means that users require less application tooling, and benefit from improved inventory handling. The wide-range wire crimps can easily accommodate the under-sized wire being used more often in production today.

Nickel-plated steel receptacles in the standard line of FASTON terminals are intended for high-temperature applications. They are UL rated to 250°C.


FASTON terminals: Low insertion force


  • Straight, right-hand flag and left-hand flag orientation options
  • F crimp or Tab-Lok crimp options
  • Low insertion force
  • Automotive systems
  • Appliances


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