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Renesas Electronics has extended its Synergy™ S5 MCU series with the introduction of the entry-level S5D3 MCU group. The four new S5D3 MCUs join the mid-range S5D5 and high-end S5D9 MCU groups in the S5 series.

Based on a 120MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core, the S5D3 MCUs provide features, including advanced security capabilities, which simplify the design of cost-sensitive, low-power IoT end points.

In addition, the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) supports the S5D3 MCUs through the provision of drivers, application frameworks and a real-time operating system. Embedded system designers can use either the Renesas e² studio or the IAR Embedded Workbench® integrated development environment to build and customize their designs.

Based on a 40nm fabrication process, the S5D3 MCUs integrate a secure cryptographic engine, the SCE7, with key protection which safeguards boot code and IoT end point device communication with a root of trust. This capability eliminates the need for external security functions. The SCE7 features encryption hardware accelerators for RSA, DSA, AES, ECC and SHA cryptography, alongside a true random number generator, to enable secure system connections to the cloud.

The S5D3 MCUs feature 512kbytes of Flash memory and a large 256kbyte SRAM. This 2:1 ratio of embedded Flash to SRAM supports intensive utilization of communication stacks for robust IoT connectivity. The 8kbytes of data Flash enable more read/write cycles than competing MCUs.

  • Operating current:
    • 100μA/MHz in active mode
    • 1.3μA in stand-by mode
    • 900nA in battery power-saving mode
  • Two 12-bit ADCs
  • Two-channel 12-bit DAC
  • High-speed six-channel comparator
  • Temperature sensor
  • Six-channel programmable gain amplifier
  • USB, CAN, I2C, SPI, SDHI and SSI interfaces
  • Industrial equipment
  • Building automation
  • Office equipment
  • Smart metering
  • Home appliances



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