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Susumu's Thin-Film Precision Resistor Series

Thin-film chip resistors offer high stability and reliability in precision measurement applications

Susumu’s RG-VP, RG-LL, and URG series of thin-film chip resistors offers outstanding performance characteristics, high stability, and excellent reliability.

The RG series and the ultra-high reliability URG series resistors are ideal for applications that require extreme precision and reliability, such as industrial instrumentation, test and measurement equipment, automotive electronics, and laboratory-grade scales. The URG and RG-LL series resistors boast the industry’s best absolute tolerance of resistance of ±0.01%, and the lowest Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), at ±2ppm/°C.

The resistors’ thin-film construction offers various advantages such as low noise, ranging from -25dB to -35dB, and support for high-frequency operation up to 1GHz. In the URG series in particular, the resistors also offer a highly linear TCR specification.

The RG series resistors offer excellent reliability, and the URG devices’ reliability is even better. For example, the maximum drift over 2,000 hours’ operation at 70°C is ±0.02% for the URG resistors, and ±0.05% for the RG parts. Humidity bias drift is ±0.05% after 2,000 hours for the URG and ±0.1% for the RG resistors. The URG series is also highly stable under any environmental conditions including exposure to atmospheric sulfur.

  • Temperature cycle drift after 100 thermal cycles:
    • ±0.02% for URG series
    • ±0.1% for RG series
  • High-temperature drift after 100 hours at 155°C:
    • ±0.02% for URG series
    • ±0.1% for RG series
  • EIA standard case sizes: 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206
  • Automotive systems
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Optical networking equipment
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial systems


Susumu URG Series

Susumu’s URG series: For applications requiring extreme precision and reliability