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onsemi FUSB3307 USB Power Delivery (PD) Power Source Controller

Integrates multiple sensing, monitoring and control functions

onsemi's FUSB3307 is a highly integrated USB Power Delivery (PD) power source controller which can control a DC-DC port power regulator, or the optocoupler in the secondary side of an AC-DC adapter.

The FUSB3307 implements the Source finite state machines specified in the USB PD 3.0 and USB Type-C® standards, including for Programmable Power Supplies (PPS) . To meet the PPS specification, the controller supports output-voltage control at a minimum of 3.3V and a maximum of 21V.

The FUSB3307 includes constant-voltage and constant current-limit control blocks. Internal DACs provide the required reference voltages.

Protection functions integrated in the FUSB3307 controller include:

  • Under-voltage protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Over-current protection
  • CC1 and CC2 over-voltage protection up to 26V
  • Internal and external over-temperature protection

Using a 10-bit ADC, a circuit based on the onsemi FUSB3307 can monitor output voltage, output current, and internal and external temperature via an NTC resistor.

The chip can drive a single or back-to-back N−channel MOSFETs as a load switch, giving a low-cost circuit design which is easy to implement.

FUSB3307 Features

  • Complies with USB PD 3.0 v1.2
  • Complies with USB Type-C v1.4
  • Built-in current-sense resistor
  • Cable-drop compensation
  • Selectable resistor-divider or battery-charging modes

FUSB3307 Applications

  • Travel adaptors
  • Power adaptors for tablets and laptop computers
  • Power banks
  • USB Type-C hubs
  • Automotive systems
  • DC-DC in-car chargers