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Dual-Core Wireless MCUs Combine Bluetooth, Zigbee and Thread Connectivity

STMicroelectronics’ new STM32WB35 and STM32WB30 Value Line are dual-core wireless microcontrollers which concurrently support the Bluetooth® Low Energy, Zigbee® 3.0 and OpenThread radio protocols. All three wireless protocol stacks are fully certified, supported by ST, and provided free of charge.

These new MCUs, which are notable for their low power consumption, include a 2.4GHz radio managed by a dedicated Arm® Cortex®-M0+ processor core. To run the main application, they feature a 64MHz Arm Cortex-M4 core which allows for uninterrupted real-time performance.

Housed in a 48-lead QFN package, the STM32WB35 and STM32WB30 Value Line MCUs are pin-compatible with existing STM32WB5x products, and share common MCU features. This gives designers the flexibility to scale their designs and migrate code from one MCU to another.

Highly integrated, the MCUs include a radio balun, USB 2.0 Full Speed device with crystal-less oscillator, embedded capacitors for a 32MHz crystal, and a DC-DC step-down converter, reducing the need for external components. They also provide a rich selection of analog peripherals, digital interfaces, and fast I/Os, many of which are 5V-tolerant.

All STM32WB products are supported by the proven STM32Cube software ecosystem, which offers embedded software libraries and tools.


  • High RF performance:
    • Programmable output power up to +6dBm
    • 102dBm link budget
  • Rich security capabilities:
    • Secure firmware installation
    • Hardware encryption
    • Hardware public key authority
    • Hardware cryptographic accelerators
    • Support for secure over-the-air firmware updates
  • Memory resources:
    • Up to 512kbytes of integrated Flash memory
    • Up to 96kbytes of SRAM
    • Quad-SPI interface to external Flash memory


  • Fleet and resource management
  • Asset monitoring and tracking
  • Large-scale IoT applications