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STMicroelectronics ISO8200AQ Galvanic Isolated 8-Channel Load Driver

STMicroelectronics’ ISO8200AQ is a solid-state relay which functions as an eight-channel load driver, providing galvanic isolation between the process and control domains in industrial systems.

An integrated SPI peripheral gives a fast communication interface between an external microcontroller and the IC, both for driving the power stage outputs and for checking diagnostic data. STMicroelectronics ISO8200AQ driver can be daisy-chained by connecting the serial data output of one device to the digital input of the next device in the chain.

Supporting compliance with the IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5 and IEC 61000-4-8 standards, the load driver provides an effective means to design electrical safety into high-voltage applications.


ISO8200AQ Voltage Domains

The ISO8200AQ contains two independent, isolated voltage domains for the process and control logic elements of an industrial system. The relay can drive any kind of load that has one side connected to ground.


Load Driver Control Logic

The control logic stage features an 8-bit output-status register, where the host microcontroller sets the on/off status of the output channels in the process stage, and an 8-bit fault register. The process and control logic stages communicate with each other through the galvanic isolation channel using a proprietary protocol developed by ST.


ISO8200AQ Protection Functions

Protection functions built into the ISO8200AQ 8-channel driver include current limitation and thermal shut-down applied independently to each channel. Other protection functions include loss of ground, under-voltage lock-out, watchdog and power-good monitor.

The ISO8200AQ is housed in a compact QFN package which measures just 9mm x 11mm, giving a 55% board area saving compared to other solutions on the market.

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  • 0.12Ω on-resistance at each channel
  • 0.7A maximum current at each channel
  • Serial peripheral interface with daisy-chaining
  • 5V and 3.3V I/Os
  • Common Output Enable/Disable pin
  • Fast demagnetization of inductive loads
  • Very low supply current
  • High common-mode transient immunity
  • UL1577 recognized
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Industrial PCs
  • Numerical control machines
  • Resistive, capacitive or inductive load drivers


Evaluation board

The X-NUCLEO-OUT02A1 industrial digital-output expansion board for the STM32 Nucleo platform provides an affordable and easy-to-use solution for the development of eight-channel digital output modules. It allows the designer to evaluate the ISO8200AQ’s communication and industrial load-driving capabilities.