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The OPTIGA™ Trust B SLE95250 application board provides an easy introduction to the world of counterfeit protection. The board is a fully functional PCB with a small form factor that allows rapid prototyping and evaluation without any custom hardware or development effort.



Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust B Application Board

Application board speeds development of authentication solutions for protection against counterfeiting.

The OPTIGA™ Trust B application board from Infineon provides ready-made hardware to support the evaluation and development of authentication technology for protection against counterfeiting.

The Infineon application board features two SLE95250 OPTIGA™ Trust B security chips, and can support the development of authentication solutions in a single or serial multiple configuration. Both SLE95250 devices may easily be removed from the board for mounting on another reference or development board.

The OPTIGA Trust B board provides debug points for all external signals. It also supports the evaluation of direct and indirect power inputs via clear jumper settings.

Supported Chip: SLE95250

The OPTIGA™ board’s SLE95250 Trust B chip is a robust cryptographic device which helps system and device manufacturers to safeguard the authenticity, integrity and safety of their original products. A turnkey solution, the SLE95250 provides enhanced protection against the marketing of counterfeit replacements.

Using strong, cost-effective asymmetric cryptography, the OPTIGA Trust B application board can be easily identified by the host system in an authorized device: this provides the host with the ability to detect unauthorized devices and trigger an appropriate countermeasure. In addition, its life span counter recognizes unauthorized re-use or re-provisioning of original parts. The OPTIGA Trust B is supplied in a six-lead TSNP package with a footprint of just 1.1mm x 1.5mm.

The orderable part number for the OPTIGA Trust B application board is OPTIGATRUSTBAPPBOATOBO1. Host microcontroller software and application guides are available online from Infineon.

OPTIGA™ Board Features

  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Intuitive starter guide with step-by-step descriptions
  • All required cables and documentation

OPTIGA™ Board Applications

  • Battery authentication
  • IoT edge devices
  • Consumer accessories
  • PCB design protection
  • Original replacement parts
  • Medical and diagnostic equipment
  • Water and air filters
  • Printer cartridges

Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust B Application Board