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Lumex QuasarBrite™ SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR RGB LED

RGB LED with built-in driver offers PWM control of output color

The Lumex QuasarBrite™ SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR is an RGB LED with a built-in driver which can produce a selectable output color through 8-bit linear PWM control of the current supplied to its RGB emitters.

Thanks to Lumex, lighting equipment designers can produce a simpler system and save development time by using the QuasarBrite™ SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR in place of multiple discrete LEDs. The SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR LED can easily be integrated into lighting circuits which have a non-standard size or shape, or use an unusual PCB material. These Lumex emitters can be mounted on boards which have the shape of a hollow ring, as well as rigid or flexible strip lights.

In addition, implementing a circuit to drive multiple RGB LEDs is simple: a single GPIO pin is able to manage up to 1,024 SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR LEDs. Sample code for controlling the embedded driver IC also eases design integration. This code is compatible with Lumex's digital LED controller chip, which can be used to implement a stand-alone color lighting application, without requiring intervention from an external microcontroller.

The SMD-LX5050RGB-TR is another PWM-controlled RGB LED from Lumex. It is supplied in a bigger, 5050 package.

SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR Features

  • Surface-mount package dimensions:
    • SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR - 3mm x 1mm
    • SMD-LX5050RGB-TR - 5mm x 5mm
    • 1.5mm height
  • 5mA drive current to each color
  • Water-clear lens
  • 120° viewing angle

SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR Applications

  • Architectural lighting
  • Residential lighting
  • Commercial lighting

Lumex — QuasarBrite™ SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR LED with Built-in Driver