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Panasonic has introduced new microSDHC memory cards which take advantage of the latest high-density 3D NAND Flash technology to provide high reliability, very low risk of bill-of-materials changes and low overall cost-per-gigabyte compared to earlier 2D NAND Flash technology.

Panasonic’s four new series of Consumer Plus SD cards use either Triple Level Cell (TLC) or pseudo-Single Level Cell (pSLC) 3D NAND Flash technologies. TLC NAND Flash offers the higher memory density, while pSLC Flash is optimized for long endurance and more program/erase cycles.

The new UA, UC, TA and TC series of microSDHC memory cards use Panasonic’s proprietary SD controller and firmware, increasing write efficiency and card lifetime as well as allowing lifetime simulations and card analysis.

The cards also feature a microSD UHS-I interface. They offer outstanding performance: Class 10, UHS-I U3 speeds, and read performance of up to 95Mbytes/s.

Panasonic has built various system-protection features in to the Consumer Plus series to extend the cards’ operating lifetime and improve endurance.

  • The built-in Power Fail Robustness feature greatly minimizes the chance of data loss if power is cut to the SD card while writing data.
  • A Static Wear Leveling algorithm ensures erase blocks within the NAND flash have evenly distributed wear.
  • Bad Block Management efficiently handles physical erase blocks which become unusable after exceeding the threshold for the allowable number of program operations.

The UA and TA series microSD cards handle many more write operations than a typical consumer-grade card and are recommended for write-intensive applications.

Versatile Performer

Panasonic’s new Consumer Plus SD cards may be used in many end-product types.

  • Electrocardiogram monitor
  • Pacemaker monitor
  • Medication dispenser
  • HVAC control
  • Security camera
  • Access control system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Teleconferencing system
  • Kitchen dispensing equipment
  • Commercial oven
  • Gas meter
  • Thermal camera
  • Water flow meter
  • Conforms to version 6.10 of SD card specification
  • Withstands 1,000g shock
  • Rated for 10,000 mating cycles
  • 100% product screening before shipment
  • Supply-voltage range: -0.3V to 4.6V
  • Medical devices
  • Building automation
  • Security systems
  • Office telecoms equipment
  • Commercial cooking equipment
  • Test and measurement instruments


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