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Renesas IPS2200 Inductive Position Sensor

Highly accurate inductive position sensor offers total stray field immunity for reliable commutation of high-speed industrial motors.

Renesas’ magnet-free IPS2200 is an inductive position sensor which offers high accuracy and speed, total stray field immunity and efficient integration into space and weight-saving motor designs.

The new IPS2200 inductive position sensor by Renesas is ideal for use in industrial motor designs, particularly in multi-pole pair motors, in motors which require off-axis position sensing, and as a replacement for a resolver.

The IPS2200 sensor is designed around the motor, allowing customers to match the number of sectors to the pole pairs of the motor to maximize accuracy. It can be used in either an off-axis configuration - in through-shaft or side-shaft position - or on-axis.

What are the Advantages of Inductive Position Sensing?

The advantages of inductive position sensing are most striking when compared to traditional resolvers: a position-sensing circuit based on the Renesas IPS2200 is as much ten times thinner and 100 times lighter, and supports rotation speeds up to 250,000rpm (electrical). Total magnetic stray field immunity means that the designer does not have to devote development time to modelling stray field effects or implementing magnetic shielding.

Operating via a four- or six-wire interface, the IPS2200 position sensor offers much higher-speed operation and lower latency than resolver- or magnetic-based solutions.

Renesas provides tools for designing custom sensing elements. The IPS2200 is supplied in a 16-lead TSSOP package measuring 5.0mm x 4.4mm x 1.0mm.

IPS2200 Features

  • Ambient-temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • Single-ended or differential sin/cos interface
  • <10µs programmable propagation delay
  • Sin/cos gain-mismatch and offset compensation
  • Protection functions:
    • Over-voltage
    • Reverse polarity
    • Short-circuit
  • I²C or SPI programming interface
  • AB incremental pulse outputs
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V or 5.0V

IPS2200 Applications

  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Robotics
  • Consumer devices

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Renesas IPS2200 High-Speed Inductive Position Sensor

Evaluation Kit

This evaluation kit includes a communication board and an application module. The communication board, which runs the IPS2200 GUI and is connected to the IPS2200 application module, can display the sine and cosine signals provided by the inductive position sensor. In addition, the communication board enables easy programming of the IPS2200 position sensor.

The IPS2200 application module directly connects to an electric motor. It provides four periods of sine and cosine analog signals per mechanical revolution. This kit is equipped with all the necessary USB and flat connection cables for plug-and-play operation.