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onsemi NCN26010 Industrial Ethernet MAC + PHY IC Controller

Why did we pick this?

Engineers typically choose system communication solutions that enhance performance and reliability, are compatible with their requirements and interface seamlessly with other components in the design. They look to performance parameters to ensure the solution tailors to specific application requirements. The Industrial Ethernet 10BASE-T1S standard is enabling sought after performance in Industrial 4.0 Factory Transformation applications, employing fast, reliable, uniform communication using Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE).

Equally important are development tools and support documentation, cost effectiveness, reliability to secure long-term product stability, and more.

Series we are focusing on:

For the above reasons, we are recommending onsemi’s NCN26010 Industrial Ethernet MAC + PHY IC Controller.

Features such as Enhanced Noise Immunity Mode, Collision Detection Masking, Physical Layer collision avoidance PLCA, MAC Address Filtering and others make this controller a compelling choice for many industrial designs, including those with networked sensors.

Evaluation Board

The NCN26010XMNEVB 10BASE-T1S MACPHY evaluation board is designed to allow customers access to onsemi's NCN26010 SPI enabled 10BASE-T1S MACPHY. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the MACPHYs basic functionality and doubles as a lab tool to allow customers to develop their own embedded software drivers for the NCN26010 device.


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