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Create Highly Secure BLE Connections and Extend Battery Life Using NFC

Introducing Panasonic’s Embedded Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC Combination RF Module, the PAN1761 Series!

PAN1761 supports both Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) 4.1 and NFC – NFC Forum Type 3 compliant tag – based on leading edge Toshiba SOC. The unique configuration of the PAN1761 allows NFC to wake up BLE from standby using an NFC field and automatically initiate a Bluetooth connection. Highly secure Bluetooth connections are created using NFC to exchange link keys. Bluetooth LE applications with extended battery life are possible as a result of zero power consumption in standby mode. A remote device may independently create a wake up signal with neither host control nor local battery consumption.  Embedded microcontroller access and 32KB EEPROM is available for autonomous stand-alone operation.



  • Unique Combination of Bluetooth LE and NFC
    • NFC Wakeup For Products With Zero Standby Power Consumption
    • Added Security With BT Pairing Via NFC “Out-of-Band Pairing”
    • Android APK Available For NFC Pairing
    • Select Bluetooth Nodes Individually Via NFC
    • Start Mobile Apps Automatically



  • Small 15.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 mm³ SMD Package
  • Same Form Factor and Footprint As PAN1026 and PAN1760
  • Integrated 2.4GHz Antenna, NFC Antenna External (Antenna Pin)
  • Compliant With NFC Forum Tag Type 3 For Easy Pairing Initialization And Transfer of Small Amounts Of Data (ISO/IEC18092)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 (LE) Embedded GATT Profile With High-Level API Commands, Compatible To Toshiba Reference BLE Profiles
  • Operation As Host-less, Stand Alone With 32KB Available For Applications
  • Standard SIG BLE and “SPP Over BLE” Profiles Available
  • Plug-in For Bluetooth Developer Studio Available



  • Support For Over the Air Update (OTA) And Scatternet
  • GAP Central And Peripheral Support For LE
  • Tx= 0 dBm, Rx= -90 dBm



  • Built-in contactless IC card technology
  • I2C interface
  • Built in EEPROM: 1520 Bytes



  • PAN1761 EMK Starter Kit
    • Toshiba BMSKTOPASM369BT Board with PAN1761
    • Segger J-link JTAG/SWD Emulator
    • NFC antenna with 2 cables
  • SDK Demo Project with NFC Example
  • SDK Library For “Out-of-Band Pairing”
  • Android App As Example Application And Source Code



  • Diagnostic And Maintenance Systems With Requirement For Zero Standby Power Consumption
  • Healthcare And Medical Diagnostic Systems Without Human Control Interface
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Sensor Applications, Which Need To Send Data On Request
  • Automotive Aftermarket Products
  • Industrial Sensors And Measurement Devices


Part Number Information

Part Number Description Series Number
ENW-89848A1KF PAN1761, BLE with NFC, Embedded Processor With Antenna PAN1761
ENW-89848AVKF PAN1761 Experimenter Kit EVAL_PAN1761EMK
ENW-89848AYKF PAN1761 Demonstration Kit EVAL_PAN1761ETU



PAN1761 Block Diagram




Technical Characteristics

Parameter 0,1%BER Value Condition / Note
Receiver Sensitivity (30.8% PER) -90 dBm @ 500 kpbs / MSK (high-gain mode)
Output Power 0 dBm Maximum Setting
Power Supply 1.8V - 3.6V Single Operation Voltage
Transmit and Receive Mode 5,5 mA typ. Bluetooth Tx mode
Low Power Mode <1 µA  
Operating Temperature Range -40oC / +85oC Industrial Range


Additional Resources:
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