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Hirose Electric

IX Series Connectors: The Next-Generation Ethernet Connector for Industrial Equipment

The Hirose IX series is a small-sized I/O connector for industrial machinery and space-constrained industrial applications that need to support high-speed signal transmission up to 10Gbps.

Thanks to the IX series’ small footprint and narrow width of the receptacle, multiple connectors can be mounted side-by-side with only a small pitch distance of 10mm. This allows space saving on the board, which makes the connector compatible in tight spaced applications. Flexible connectivity solutions are ensured with straight or right angle versions in an upright or downward cable direction. The IX Series features 8 and 10 contact plugs and receptacles to provide a LAN interface connection.

IX Series Connector Features

Secure locking

The IX Series is equipped with a robust snap-in lock which an audible click when mated, which confirms the connector is fully engaged. The connector also features a reliable preload mechanism with a long spring length which increases the durability of the connector to 5000 mating cycles. The IX series connector features an enhanced structural grounding shield to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Protection against surface mount contacts is assured with through-hole solder posts.

Contribution to size reduction

The ix Industrial offers a reduced size of 75% compared to conventional RJ-45 modular solutions. This size reduction allows for reduced installation space. Parallel-mounting at P=10mm is possible.

Single action lock design

The IX connector locks by simply inserting the plug into the receptacle. An audible click insures locking. The lock can be released by pushing a button on the plug leading to smooth removal.

Robust design resistant to prying forces

The PCB-mounted receptacle shell is designed to minimize the influence of prying force from the plug on the mated surface. Additionally, the PCB-mounted shape is designed to protect the contacts. Unique metal hold down placement prevents peeling of contacts. Stainless steel material is used for metal parts to enhance the mechanical strength.

High EMC Resistance

The IX series’ optimized shielding design guarantees high EMC resistance to secure safe data transmission.

High Data Rate Transmission

Cat.5e (1Gbps) and Cat.6A (10Gbps) high-speed Ethernet performance.

PIP (Pin-In-Paste) mounting possible

The receptacle shell is mounted at the through hole section of the PCB to enhance the mounting strength of the PCB. Both signal contact SMT and PIP mounting allows for reflow-mounting and reduction of hours required for board processing.

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