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CoolSiC - Efficient, Powerful, Compact, and Reliable

Infineon Easy 1B and 2B power modules featuring CoolSiC MOSFETs offer low losses, increase power density, reduce footprint, and achieve conversion efficiencies exceeding 99%.

  • CoolSiC features 80% lower switching losses than silicon IGBTs via Silicon Carbide’s unique material properties.
  • 80% Lower switching losses combined with lower device thermal impedance allow for higher current capability at lower junction temperatures.
  • Higher power density can be achieved in space constrained applications with Infineon CoolSiC technology.
  • Efficient high frequency operation allows for smaller transforms, inductors, and DC link capacitors; reducing overall system footprint and cost.
  • Reduce system complexity and cost by utilizing two level topologies featuring Infineon CoolSiC Technology with improved efficiency over three level IGBT converters.

Infineon Easy 1B and 2B Power modules featuring CoolSiC technology are available in Half bridge 6-23 mOHm (FF6MR12WM1_B11, FF8MR12W2M1_B11, FF45MR12W1M1_B11) as well as SixPACK 45 mOhm (FS45MR12W1M1_B11)

Every switch needs a driver and the right driver makes a difference! Infineon’s EiceDRIVER Coreless Transformer gate driver technology is an excellent match for CoolSiC Easy 1B and 2B Power modules. The 2ED020I12F2 is a dual-channel isolated gate driver, which offers a significant space savings in PCB layout. The 2ED020I12F2 is a perfect match to the H-bridge topology FF8MR12W2M1B11BOMA1 and FF45MR12W1M1B11BOMA1.

CoolSiC Easy 1B and 2B suggested gate drivers: 1ED020I12-F2, 2ED020I12F2 and the 1EDU20I12SV.


Infineon CoolSiC MOSFET BlockDiagram